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Steps For Buying A House

When buying a house, a yellow brick road is easier to navigate than the wilderness of the home buying market. An outline of the steps in house buying is just that. If you follow these steps, buying a house can be more of a leisurely stroll.

Work out your finances: 

Tedious or terrifying, starting here sets you up for more successful house hunting. Contact a mortgage broker to discuss your finance options and how much you can borrow. Of all the steps in buying a house, beginning here gives you a practical perspective on the price range within which you can expect to purchase your house.

Understand the market and processes of buying: 

Understand what position the NZ housing market is in and how this influences house prices. This may affect the location of choice. Research buying under auction conditions vs private sales. Educating yourself in both processes means when you do find the home that suits you, you’ll be well aware of your rights and obligations.

Decide your criteria for a home: 

When at this step of buying a house, distinguish your ‘wants’ from ‘needs’. Pick a location to focus your search. Determine what you need from the location in terms of transport, facilities, schools etc. Then focus on your criteria for your home. Think over rooms, overall size, exterior and landscaping etc.

The search for your future home: 

Don’t be disheartened if it takes longer than expected because if you’re looking thoroughly, it should! Be sure to inspect the interiors and exteriors carefully. Write key points on the house and how well it meets your criteria. For those you’re particularly interested in, visit a second and even third time if you need to.

Tackling the paperwork: 

When you do find the ideal home, prepare for the paperwork that will ensue. Finding a lawyer with experience in conveyancing is crucial. They can guide you through the S&P Agreement, give you legal advice and communicate with the seller’s lawyer. In regards to the property, a valuation, builder’s report, LIM report and engineers report will let you know the exact state of most aspects of the house and its market value.

Negotiation, accepting and deposit: 

If you’re up to these steps for buying a house, you’re in the home stretch. Keep your lawyer at hand! 

So remember these simple words; steps, buying, house!

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