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Here Are 10 Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

1. Are You Licensed Real Estate Agent?

As the transactions handled by an unlicensed agent are invalid. You must ask this question and also follow up by checking with the local real estate board.

2. What is Your Experience?

A well experienced real estate agent will have a list of successful transactions. The field of real estate law can be complicated and is often changing. You must work with the agent who has kept up with these changes and help you in protecting your rights and negotiate well during the real estate transaction.

3. What Is Your Fee?

Ask the real estate agents about the commission or fees for services. The commission and fees are negotiable. 

4. Has a client ever filed a complaint against you?

If you’re uncomfortable asking, just check with www.reaa.govt.nz

5. Why is the seller moving?

This is the most important question. If the seller is behind in the payments and a foreclosure of sale is issued then buyer must be prepared to close the transaction quickly. Or if the home is being sold because of some issues such as divorce then home negotiations might be time consuming and difficult.

6. Ask for the CMA?

This is a very good question to ask the seller or the real estate agent when buying a home. An agent will provide you a CMA (comparative market analysis) to review.
The comparative market analysis will provide you the list prices of competitive neighbourhood homes currently for sale. This will help you to figure out the fair market value of the home.

7. Will you explain the paperwork involved in buying a home?

This is a very important question as you need to fully understand all the legal documents and contracts.

8. Will you show me all the properties for sale?

Good real agents will show you all the properties.

9. What Happens If I'm Not Happy With Your Service?

Home buyers should make sure that they have a guarantee in case problems arise with the real estate agent. 

10. When Can I Move In?

After the home settles, you can move in. Settlement is when the transaction of the purchase has been seen through, and a agreed settlement date has passed for hand over of the property.
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