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Advice For Buying A House

Whether it’s your first home or fifth, the process of buying a house can be tricky. There is a lot of back-and-forth in the buying a house process. Each time is often filled with unique language. So it definitely pays to prepare! The following advice when buying a home can help you do just that.

Prepare yourself financially: 

Your finances are a good place to start in the process of buying a house. Begin building your deposit as soon as you know you want to buy a home. Start by saving a regular portion of your income weekly. Explore government options available specific to your financial situation. E.g. A first home owners grant:

  • The grant can offer financial help to first home owners in one of two ways. Buyers aged over 18 who have held a KiwiSaver account for three years can qualify for a first home owners grant. Alternatively, so may buyers with little or no deposit through The Welcome Home Loan. Income and purchase caps apply to the latter. Look into your eligibility for such grants.

Private sale or Auction: 

How the property is being sold will affect your buying a house process significantly. Each method has its own conditions you will need to be thoroughly aware of.

Under an auction, buying a home is an unconditional purchase. The agent will give you all the paper work beforehand. Any valuations, financing, property checks and solicitor checks must be finalised prior to the auction. Seek more advice for buying a house via auction.

A private sale is where you negotiate directly with the vendor. Because of this, it can with it extra risk. Seek advice when buying a home this way as to how much to bid and negotiate well.

Making an offer: 

For your offer to be legally recognised, it must be made in writing. A Sales and Purchase Agreement includes all the conditions buyers and sellers want around the transaction. This is a legally binding contract so be sure to include consult a solicitor when writing your conditions and reviewing the sellers before signing. Include clauses around the sale upon terms such as a building inspection and solicitor checks to protect yourself in the buying process.

Building checks and reports: 

Dependent on the S&P Agreement, you can arrange for a Building Inspection and LIM report. Each have a cost and time frame associated with them so research both thoroughly.


Auction’s have a fixed 10% deposit rate but are subject to negotiation before the auction. It is part of the S&P Agreement in private sales and you will have an agreed amount of notice before having to pay it.  

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