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New Zealand Estate Agents

Real estate agents, are they a friend or foe? In short, they’re both. Sellers may hire agents to interact with buyers and act as middlemen in the transaction. Real estate agents in New Zealand work predominantly for the seller. That’s not to say they can’t be of useful sources of knowledge. It just means being more tactful in your dealings. In regards to real estate agents, New Zealand is a competitive market for the profession. If you find a seller’s agent is leaning towards ‘used-car’ salesperson, familiarize yourself with the following tips for the art of negotiation with New Zealand estate agents.

Know your ‘frenemy’

To become a real estate agent, New Zealand agents must pass a set of exams to obtain a certificate and license. So they hold a certain level of specialised knowledge.

They are first and foremost however, a sales person. And with their commission being based on the sale price of the house, your best interests as a buyer slip further down their priority list. Remembering this will help you remain alert during the negotiation process.

Tactful Q & A sessions

New Zealand real estate agents can be of help when you’re looking for answers. But don’t take everything they say at face value. Their answers remember are influenced by wanting to sell!

Are they familiar with the area they’re selling in? If not, the same questions put to an estate agent in New Zealand who is may have more accurate answers.

Try and gauge the position the vendor is in. How much of a hurry are they in to sell? What are their reasons for selling? Are the flexible when it comes to negotiating on price? Use the real estate agent to help you gain a quick mental portfolio of the vendor. Information you find out may give you an advantage when it comes to further negotiations.

When asking questions, try and divulge as little information from your side as possible. If they get a whiff of buyers who are highly interested or come from a strong financial position, they stick closely to the sellers’ asking price.

Ask to see the agent’s other listings

This indicates you are in no rush to buy and are dedicated to shopping around.

Consider written offers

Agents are obliged to present faxed offers and resend you the vendors counter offers. This medium may be useful in situations where your emotions may give your away. 

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