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Tips for Buying Home

As with anything, there are certain tricks and tips on buying a house. Home buying tips are great when you need some out of the box ideas. When house buying, tips can prevent you from making the mistakes of buyers before you. Here are our top ten tips for buying a house:

1. Save, save, save: 

This leads the list of tips when buying a home.

The more you save for a deposit, the easier the house buying process will be. Avoid a larger then necessary debt.

2. Prepare in advance but be flexible:

Make a wish list of particulars before house hunting. Include location, price range, type of home you want and any other important features. These may change as you start visiting properties. Edit your preferences as you go along.

3. Consider buying an investment property: 

Your first home doesn’t have to be THE home. You can use the equity from it to later purchase the home you want to live in.

4. Use your home as a source of income: 

If you can afford it, invest a bit more into extra bedrooms. You can rent these out and put the income towards mortgage repayments.

5. Join KiwiSaver early: 

Join KiwiSaver as soon as possible! The scheme offers great support for first time buyers. 3 years and 5 years of contributions can give you up to $3000 and $5000 respectively.

6. Tailor your purchase according to the housing market: 

A little research can go a long way. Look into areas where housing values are predicted to rise exponentially in the future.

7. Gather information: 

Obtain documents about properties you’re interested in. Get a copy of the Certificate of Title. This will provide detailed information on the property and any particulars affecting the title.  

8. Lock in a lawyer: 

Before drafting or signing anything, seek legal advice.

9. Take lots of notes: 

Nearing the end of the buying a house tips, arm yourself with a camera and notepad on visits. After seeing so many properties, notes and photos can help in distinguishing them.

10. Explore alternative financing options: 

Look into grants such as the Welcome Home Loan. Check if any friends or family are willing to add to your deposit or offer you a loan.

When it comes to making the big purchase, we all need tips buying houses.

With these tips for buying, home hunting won’t get the better of you! Don't miss to attend our home buying seminar. Contact us on 09 360 1993

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