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First Home Buyers Guide

Perhaps it came to you in the shower, or when walking past a gorgeous villa. Whenever it did, buying a house is now on your mind. Like with any new idea though, you’ll want to get a feel for this new and foreign territory. What better way to do this than with a first home buyers guide. When buying a house in New Zealand, guide yourself through what becoming a home buyer actually involves.

Guide to house buying:

Is buying a house actually for you?

Buying a home is a huge financial, physical and emotional investment. In the guide to buying a house, we suggest you consider this first before you’re in a legally binding contract. 

Write up your own pros and cons for or against the decision.

What is a mortgage?

Almost every house buying guide will direct you to investigating a mortgage. A mortgage or home loan is when a lender gives you money using your home as security. Banks are most often the lenders.

What’s involved in buying a home?

  • Looking into financing you are eligible for such as loans, grants and mortgages.
  • Visiting open homes and thoroughly checking out these properties against industry and personal standards.
  • Creating a Sales and Purchase Agreement between sellers and buyers.
  • Organising to obtain reports and inspections on the home you are about to purchase. 
  • Legal transfer of ownership from the previous owner to you.

Our home loan specialist at The Blueprint will provide you professional insight into a loan that best suits you. You can also know more about the financial support

Whose help can I enlist?

Seeking out professionals is crucial to most aspects of a home buyers guide.

A lawyer needs to be your right hand throughout the process. Other professionals can include a real estate agent, property valuer, engineer etc.

Do your research and compile your own buying a house guide.

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