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Importance of Right Neighbourhood

One of the most important things to remember while buying a house is the location as it determines the value of a home. The neighbours around your home will have a substantial effect on your daily life. While planning to buy a house, pay close attention to the home on the streets and also the kind of people living around the house.

Here are some tips from our experts about buying a house in the right neighbourhood:

1. Size and Style
Most people feel comfortable in neighbourhoods with homes in pretty much the same price and size as their own. 

2. Boundaries
The most secure house is the one which is situated in the centre of the similar group of homes. The house at the corner will cost more than the house in the middle of the neighbourhood. Natural boundaries and open spaces make a house more appealing to buyers.

3. Maintenance
Unfortunately, if your neighbour is not taking care of his property and it looks bad then you cannot force them to paint their houses or general clean up their property. So be careful and aware of buying a house next door. If you are planning to live in a condo then make sure that the condominium is run by an agency that will take care of the maintenance.

4. Traffic Patterns
Visit the neighbourhood on different days and at different times of the day, to check the traffic of the place. 

5. Sounds 
If your place of residence has major noise pollution you will have issues. Check for the highway sounds, heavy air traffic overhead, train tracks, or the noise of a working rock quarry just over the hill.

6. Smells
What about smells? Living near a chemical plant or some kind of manufacturing industry may make life in your house unbearable. Take nothing for granted. Spend some time learning the appealing features of your chosen neighbourhoods without the real estate agent.

7. Talk with the neighbours
The very best way to learn about a neighbourhood is by talking to its residents. Talk about the quality of the schools and playground for kids. Ask if the town allows basement sump pumps to drain into the storm sewers. Talk about the recent house sold in that area. Ask them about the price, and how long it was on the market. Such information can give you much in negotiating while dealing with the seller or the real estate agent.

Here are some questions you should get answered before buying into a right neighbourhood

  • What is the crime rate in that area, is the place secure?
  • Is there graffiti on the stop signs? 
  • Do pets run free or are they attended to by a person? 
  • Are property boundaries not particularly noticeable? Check for the fenced or landscaped for definition
  • Are car parts or car bodies rusting in backyards?
  • What kind of services are available near your home such as restaurant, clinic, parlour, shopping mall etc.?
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