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Checking building's structure & Design

Property inspection must be carried out by buyers before making the decision of buying a new home. It is always better to make sure that you are not buying a damaged property or else, you’ll have to spend a huge amount of money on its maintenance.

There are many professional companies and agencies in NZ that offer a range of services related to property. They use advanced apparatuses and methods to inspect the house inside out. These agencies have a team of qualified and specialised experts who carry out the home inspection. After a sophisticated inspection, the inspector will provide you the report.

Here are a few tips that the home buyers must check before they buy a House

  1. Check for the History of the property: How the house has been modified over the years
  2. Material used in Construction: What kinds of material the walls and roof are made from, and any other constructed features
  3. Roof coverings: a detailed description of all roof coverings including porches
  4. Check  for rainwater goods and waste pipes: Detailed description of efficiency of the guttering
  5. Check the condition of wall: detail of the walls both internal and external
  6. Check for the joinery : condition of external and internal joinery for example - windows and doors
  7. Damp proof: Notes on the damp and ventilation
  8. Garage: Description of the garage 
  9. Drainage: Location and state of drains
  10. Site: Description of the level of the site, fences, gardens and nearby roads
  11. Check the condition of roof: Internal roof description including state of timbers and ceiling.
  12. Type of  flooring: Description of flooring in all areas of the property including the type and finish
  13. Material used in ceilings: What materials it is made from and its height
  14. Check the Timber infestations: Report on whether the wood is suffering from wood-worm, dry rot, wet rot.
  15. Electricity: State of wiring system for powering the home appliances.
  16. Plumbing: Strand of water pressure, location of stop cocks and storage rank
  17. Heating: Type, age, and efficiency of heating system
  18. Additional enquires: Any additional reports you require.
  19. Condition of garden, Pool:

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