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Homes Buying Guide For Weathertightness Issues

Home buyers should be aware of the leaky homes issue when they are searching for a home. It is the legal obligation of real estate agents to make prospective buyers aware of any known problems on the property. Sometimes, buyers stick with homes that have weathertightness issues either skipping the proper investigation of the house or if they aren't given the full information from the vendors.
Our experts recommend that before buying a residential property, a home buyer should always do their own due diligence and not rely solely on an agent's advice. 

So here are some useful tips to check if the house has weathertightness problems:

  • Ask your building surveyor to look particularly for signs of water damage or potential leaks.
  • Check that your inspector is using a non-invasive meter.
  • Identify risk areas that might warrant a more survey
  • Check if the exterior walls are Oxidised. 
  • Check if there are any cracks in the cladding where rainwater could enter. 
  • Wall claddings are in contact with the ground.
  • There should be sheet metal or plastic flashings over windows and doors. 
  • Check if any wetness around windows and doors. 
  • Parapet walls should have top surface covered. 
  • Check If there is any broken sealant. 
  • Check if there are any stains on ceilings, musty smells, spongy flooring or mould spots on interior walls
You may ask the seller if the house has any weathertightness problems. If you buy a home and later find that it has weathertightness problems, then you may have remedies under the law. The conclusion is that buyers should not rely on what the agents say and they also need to check the property themselves.

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