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Home Buying Negotiation Tactics

You can use different negotiation techniques while buying a house in New Zealand.  Negotiating plans come into their own when you are in a one on one negotiating situation with the seller. 

So here are a few home buying negotiation tactics from our experts:

  1. Home buyers must bargain and negotiate when buying a house. So don’t be anxious to start negotiations at a lower price than you are all set to pay.
  2. When you find a home that you really like, then don’t let the seller or real estate agent know about your desire. If they get to know about your feeling, then they may not lower the price as per your expectation.
  3. Never share the details of the amount you are going to pay for the house to anyone. Do a comparative research on the real estate market and analyse the cost of the house.
  4. Use your knowledge and don’t be influenced by price mentioned in the advertisement or what the real estate agent is saying.
  5. Using a sunset clause in your offer can put pressure on the vendor to accept or reject your offer within a time frame.
  6. Once you get an offer from the seller, you can understand what the seller is expecting and how much he/she will accept.
  7. Once you receive the sale and purchase agreement letter from the vendor you don’t have to respond quickly. Take some time and understand the letter completely as you may find some points which can be used to negotiate the price.
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