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Help for First Home Buyers

Ask Your Friends Or Relatives

Family or friend can help you in taking the important decision of buying a home. As buying a home is a serious financial and emotional decision, relatives will always help you with their experience. But that will not be sufficient to answer your questions about home buying. You will definitely be searching on the internet or newspapers on how to buy a new home.

Search for it on Internet

A good way of finding a house is through the internet, where you will find the official site of various home builders, home sellers and realtors.

Through the internet, you not only will find houses for sale by location, price or the number of beds or baths, but also you can perform an advanced search based on property features like centralised A.C or swimming pool, mountain views or waterfront location and community features like a playground, golf courses or senior living facilities. Most of the websites also allow home buyers to take virtual tours of the house through images & videos.

So when you will reach office of a real estate agent, you have already done lots of homework on the home ownership.

Search the local Newspaper

You can find a list of properties in the local newspaper, along with the location and condition of the house. You can also find the price and the contact information of the builder or the seller.

Look for a Realtor

A realtor or a real estate agent is a person who will provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect while buying a home. Real estate agents are experienced in arranging fair deals. A well experienced agent will assist in negotiating an offer, act as a mediator to resolve potential conflicts between you and the seller, and draw a legally binding agreement.

Attend A Home Buying Seminar

Websites and newspapers can provide you a lot of information, however, if you feel that these resources are an impersonal way to find  your "Dream home", then you must attend our home buying seminar. Our experts are familiar with the local community and will guide you in finding a house that meets your preferences. Our experts would also help you in dealing with the realtor and real estate agent so that you are fully informed throughout this complex decision-making process. 

Our home buyer seminar will bring together under one roof all the expertise you might need when buying your dream home in New Zealand. Meet credit experts, real estate attorneys, home inspectors and financial planners at The Blueprint home buying seminar.

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