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Check For Sale and Purchase Agreement While Buying A Home

Buying a house is an important and time-consuming process, but if you possess the right information and advice on your side, then you might actually enjoy the process without facing any trouble.

Instead of just walking to a real estate agent and booking a house, first you must study and understand the real estate market of NZ. Do a little investigation on local banks or consult with a financial advisor in case you need a loan. New Zealand banks are quick to approve applications for mortgage. 

Spend a little time in real estate tour and see plenty of houses driving around with your real estate agent. Another way to buy a house in New Zealand is to bid for it in an auction, but you have to hire a good and reliable inspection agent & solicitors to verify the property title of the house.

Get a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report from the city council before buying a house as purchase will not be complete without it. This legal document contains the local council's information about the house including building consents, boundaries, zoning and will cost you around $200-$400. 

Visit the local council in order to verify the information in the LIM document as you will often find that some information that is not present in the LIM can be obtained in this way.

House Sale And Purchase Agreements:

A sale and purchase agreement is a legally binding contract. It provides assurance to both the buyer and the seller as it is a written document of all the agreed terms and conditions.

Few Things You Must Know About The Sale And Purchase Agreements:

  • You know about the difference between a conditional and an unconditional agreement.
  • You can negotiate the conditions you require in the sale and purchase agreement.
  • You must get your lawyer to check the agreement before signing it
  • Last but not the least, you must make sure to read and understand the entire agreement before signing it.

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