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Buying A House In New Zealand

At The Blueprint learn about buying a home in New Zealand. 

  • Know about the building material used. 
  • Know about the Position and Environment before Buying a House in NZ 
  • Know about Housing Prices
  • Know about Lifestyle and Surrounding
  • Know about Leaky homes
  • Know about No Capital Gains Tax

When it comes to buying a house, NZ is known for its appealing clean green image and great lifestyle. But there is a lot more to buying a home in New Zealand than just that. Read on to get tips on buying a house in NZ.

Know about Building Materials Used before Buying a House

The majority of New Zealand homes are built with timber. With a strong national forestry industry, it’s understandable why. Wooden houses are more flexible which is useful for withstanding earthquakes. Timber needs to be properly treated before being eligible as a housing material.

Know about the Position and Environment before Buying a House in NZ

NZ homes are typically north facing for maximum sun exposure. Heat from sunlight can be trapped by curtains for a warmer home in winter. In summer, sunlight can help make a home feel more spacious.

With the New Zealand climate being predominantly cooler, a well insulated home is important. Insulation and double-glazing are a compulsory feature in newly built homes.

Know about Housing Prices 

Geographical location and population dynamics affect housing prices. When buying a house in New Zealand, this is an important point to consider. Housing in the North Island is generally more expensive compared to the South Island. Auckland has on average the most expensive real estate. This is due to the large population and housing demand in the cosmopolitan city. Invercargill has on average the cheapest price for a house.

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Know about Lifestyle and Surrounding

New Zealand has a range of housing to suit diverse lifestyles. Lifestyle blocks with acres of land may be what you’re looking for. Alternatively, bungalows and villas and townhouses are available in suburban areas. Upscale high-rises and apartments are available in CBDs.  

Leaky homes

If you’re buying a home in NZ, you’ll need to be watchful of leaky homes. Properties constructed between 1994-2005 with untreated timber and poor cladding resulted in severe weather tightness problems. Get a thorough building inspection if you have doubts.

No Capital Gains Tax

Capital made from the sale of property is not taxed in New Zealand. This is appealing to homeowners for when they decide to sell. The exception to this is when property was bought with the intention to resell for a profit. 

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